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I have run out of patience, please help a girl out!

I just don't know where else to ask......

I have been a vegetarian for 6 years now, but for the last 4 years, I have not been able to eat certain things, like broccoli or cabbage. I know my aunt has stomach issues as well but she's not a vegetarian. Seriously, the first two years of being veggie, I could eat an entire bowl of broccoli without it sending me into the restroom -- and for lack of better words-cleaning me out. I haven't narrowed it quite down to what all does send me to the restroom, and I do take some enzymes to help it not be so bad, but is it me or does my tummy hate me? I should mention that I freaking LOVE broccoli, but I hate what it does to me. I can eat it in cheddar & broccoli soup, but if I eat too much.... It's not just broccoli, either. Sometimes it's bell peppers. I love eating all veggies, but sometimes it takes a toll on my tummy. Is it just me? Am I doing something wrong? I also thought it might have been anxiety related, such as IBS which also has no rhyme or reason, but then why do the plant enzymes work?

Desperately seeking help.

I have figured it out! The FODMAP diet is what is working for me! I will forever miss my broccoli, but at least I can still have a stem or two before it really affects me!! Thank you so much for all who have commented!!!
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Iron deficiency/anemia

Hey, everyone! Long time no see. :)

So today I attempted to donate blood at my school's blood drive for the second time, and for the second time they turned me down because I'm anemic. My parents told me that since I had failed twice, we should look into improving my diet and maybe getting vitamins or supplements to take to help improve my iron and/or protein intake.

I'm curious if anyone else has had to modify their diets in order to improve their iron, and what you did/what supplements you took. Please and thank you!
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Tofu storage question:

I found a crock-pot recipe for hot and sour soup with tofu. It looks like something I'd really like, but the problem is that I'm only cooking for myself. Usually I make four days worth of a dish and keep in the refrigerator and eat it over those four days. But will tofu keep like that? I usually just don't cook tofu at all because there's no way I can go through a whole container by myself in one day. I know about how to store raw tofu but not cooked.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I am having a small gathering for my employees this coming New Year's Eve. It is going to be a pot luck, but as the host I don't want to disappoint with what I offer, LOL. What would you suggest? For some reason, I have hard-boiled eggs on my mind for this. Aside from deviled eggs, is there anything else I could make that would involve one of my favorite foods? Please help!
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Vegan food suggestions?

I'm going to a vegan potluck and I'm not sure what to bring. I'm vegetarian but not vegan myself. I was going to make curried rice but I remembered I have to take the food there on the bus so I'd better go with something cold. But both my go-to cold salad recipes contain honey, and I'm not sure if I could substitute something else easily. One thing I do want to avoid is pasta salad, mostly because I don't really like very many kinds of that myself. I'd also rather avoid "fake meat" if possible, mostly because I really only like that hot. (Though I guess I could bring something I don't like, since other people might like it.) Any suggestions?
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Non-leather shoes/boots?

I'm having trouble finding decent non-leather shoes/boots. I'd rather buy in person than online (I live in Toronto, Canada), but will consider trying online if I hear really good things! The problem I've been having is seems like the non-leather shoes - especially boots - fall apart so fast. So I feel like I need to be spending more - I tend to be a bit overly frugal. But I'm hesitant to do so until I hear that something is ACTUALLY decent quality! Suggestions for online stores that had good quality non-leather? Specific brands to look for? I've heard Steve MAdden makes some non-leather boots, has anyone tried them, are they decent quality? Thanks in advance!
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I own a very small business (I have three employees).  As a business owner that has done decently well in the last year (thanks in no small part to my employees), I want to show how thankful I am.  Now, of course, I understand that many company owners give away a ham or turkey or . . . something that obviously I don't have any intention of giving away. 

Is there anyone here that has any ideas as to what I should give my employees as a grand "thank you"?  I really appreciate them, and want them to know that I do, but in a "vegetarian owner" kinda way.  Any ideas?
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Rice Krispie Treats!

This evening, I made Rice Krispie Treats for the first time since I became a vegetarian. My secret? Marshmallow fluff.

We've had it for a couple months now. My dad picked it up when he noticed there was only 4 ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, dried egg whites, and vanillin. It worked just as well to use instead of marshmallows, and it tastes delicious!

I was just so happy, I thought I'd spread my joy. :)
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(no subject)

Hi folks! Just wanted to stop by real quick to say hi as one of the two new maintainers here! I'm really excited to be here for this great community. If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to give me a shout! The best place to reach me (and my counterpart mahasin) is over at the moderation community, vegetarianmods Thanks for your time!